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I am overjoyed that you’ve found this page because it means you’ve had enough! You’ve had enough suffering in your life emotionally, financially, spiritually, whatever it may be.  


I take a holistic approach to life coaching because of the way I was able to overcome my anxiety and step into the next level of my being. This was through a spiritual and mindful approach. The anxiety that I experienced was so painful: for months I was struggling in every moment. Focusing on mindfulness, manifestation and spirituality changed my life. For me, personal growth is a beautiful life-long journey that can be extremely difficult at times. It's always helpful to have support when going through those tough times. As my journey has continued, I have developed a passion for empowering others on their journey! 


About Rosey

In channeling my energy into psychology, mindfulness, manifestation, and spirituality, I've learned that deeply rooted beliefs create our lives. Instead of looking at my unhappiness as a reaction to my outside struggles, I viewed it the other way around. I started to see that my beliefs kept being reinforced: my struggles were a mirror to my thoughts and beliefs. What I learned was I must clear my limiting beliefs so I can change my thoughts, my actions, and therefore my outcome.


What I know, live by, and teach, is that to change your outer world you must change your inner world by releasing your old limiting beliefs, stories, experiences and habits that you’ve been carrying around. Releasing my limiting beliefs continues to uplift my vibration and allows me to attract my dream life. This is the most empowering concept that I could teach because it helps you take responsibility for your energy and gifts you the ability to create the life of your dreams.  


Certified Holistic Life Coach

Certified Reiki Level 2 Healer

Certified Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour

B.A. Psychology

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