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This Program is a return to your truth of knowing you're GOOD ENOUGH!


This is for you if you struggle with feeling like you aren't good enough, have enough, and do enough. This program will allow you to feel lke you have enough money, time, energy and are good enough to receive all those things your desire but are too scared to go out and get. This program will allow you to feel contentment now while continuing to grow towards your aligned dreams.


This program will help you grow your relationship with yourself! This is key because often times the relationship with ourself has been lost. Your relationship with yourself is the number one foundation needed for successful relationships, finances, happiness and more. As within, so without.


I created this program because I needed something to help me feel good enough! I was feeling down, like I wasn't doing enough, didn't have enough, wasn't talented enough and wanted to get out of this rut. It didn't have a strong enough connection with my true self or my creator and knew I need to develop these in order to live a more aligned life. This program helped me step into my power as the creator of my life and it will help you too!


This program is personalized to your needs through two 1 hr. life coaching sessions. The 30 Day e-workbook you'll receive will help you embody this high vibe lifestyle with daily lessons and habit builders. Three master classes will provide you will the clarity of knowledge you need to step into your knew belief system and step away from a dissatifying life. The guided meditation recording you'll receive will bring you into your new positve consciousness as the creator of your life! 





"It really has helped me to see ways that I've been holding myself back from happiness that I hadn't even fully realized. So often I am focused on achieving a goal that I forget to be happy where I am with what I have and this program provided me with the stucture and daily routine to validate myself every single day, at least twice a day!"


"Rose's program has been an amazing journey. Not only does she help you understand your self and get inside your mind, but she also gives you tools necessary to grow and if you put in the work you will definitely go places."


"Throughout this 30 day course I have gone through so many changes. I began at an uncomfortable cross road of giving up and sticking with my comfort zone or taking an uncertain path. This course helped me realized that I deserve the life that I want and that I need to bet on myself.

I quite my job that I dreaded going to which hardly paid enough to cover rent and honestly that I was embarrassed to talk about. I quit it with no plans and no money saced. That very week I heard back from my dream job with an inperson interview and was offered the position the next day. I'm finishing up the month with a calmer more confident mindset in a place that I thought was impossible." 


"Rose's 30 day program made it even more clear to me how important it is to make time for myself every single day. It guided me into forming a new habit working with my thoughts rather that against them. Thank you for reminding me that self-love is not conditional and that the emotions I feel are there to guide me to grow. I want to do it again next month and I'm not even finished."


- I Am Enough Participants


Recommended for:

"Someone who is looking for a way to boost their self confidence & just focus on themselves a little more".


"...if you're looking for a deep dive into personal growth that is well structured and backed by spiritual principles. It's going to help you grow in numerous different areas and challenge yourself."


-I Am Enough Participants 



Everything is self-paced! It will take you roughly 30-60 days to complete depending on your consistency with the daily practices. However long it takes you if perfect for you. Results will not depend on your time frame but on your focus & embodiment of the concepts.


You'll Receive :

30 Day e-workbook

3 Master Classes

2 1hr. One-on-One Life Coaching Sessions

1 Guided Meditation Recording

1 Live Q&A 


Payment plans available- email rose@mylifeisroses.com

(2 investments of $166.50)


I Am Enough 30 Day Program! | Level I | (January 1st)