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Get 3 Reiki Sessions with me for the Price of 2 !


Reiki is a form of energy healing that can help ones whole being come back into balance. Reiki is known to help reduce stess, balance sleep, release emotinal blockages, heal trauma, and balance the chakras. Reiki is my favorite form of energy healing because I have seen it work wonders in my being and in my life. Reiki is great to use when in need of manifestation or goal achieving help too.


Reiki sessions can be done in the Tampa Bay, FL area or at a distance. Reiki sessions done at a distance will be over Zoom Video Chat- we will discus what you're looking to shift & then I'll begin reiki as you close your eyes and relax into a meditative like state.


 This is because Reiki energy isn't limited by time or space, Reiki energy can be transferred to you from across the world.


Note: I will contact you via email within 24 hrs of purchasing to schedule your appiontments.

New Year Reiki Special