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In One-on-One Coaching Sessions, you and Rose will get into the root of your unease whether it’s loneliness, anxiety, money problems etc. All problems in this world can be solved in very similar ways and that’s because we live in an energetic world where what we put out we get back. Simply put our beliefs create our thoughts, emotions and actions which therefore create our experiences. If we are always thinking about how no one likes us we are putting out a lower vibration which will attract back to us that same low vibration of loneliness. We are a mirror! And this is an empowering gift because from here we can carefully pick what experience we’d like by clearing old limiting belief and returning to our true selves.

1 hour  /   $100

One-on-One Life Coaching


Work With Rose


Take Your Life Back

6 weeks  /   $555

This intensive self-mastery coaching program is for you if you’re ready to dive in full force. You may be finding it hard to believe that your dream life is even possible as if you’re so far away from it. We all deserve to live abundant lives, and once your limiting beliefs are rewritten you will live a life you once dreamed of.


This program includes six one-on-one coaching sessions with Rose as described above. These six weeks give you more time to explore and release your limiting beliefs. Most have been carrying around their limiting beliefs for their whole lives. Everyone is different when it comes to transforming their vibration.


This program includes six weekly coaching sessions, weekly email check-ins and one personalized recorded meditation.


Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is an ancient Japanese energy healing modality. Reiki works to heal the whole being and allow it to come back into balance mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki is also known to help reduce stress, heal physical ailments, balance sleep, transform past wounds and so much more. Reiki is personally my favorite wholist healing tool because it is effortless on the patients' end and I have watched it helped me transform my inner world and my outer world. 


Reiki sessions can be done in the Tampa Bay, FL area or at a distance. This is because Reiki energy isn't limited by time or space, Reiki energy can be transferred to you from across the world (just as you are reading this from a different part of the world than me and at a different time than I wrote it).


Pricing varies

Rose presents workshops to groups who are ready to raise their vibe, rewrite their beliefs, and step into their power. These interactive workshops are an opportunity for many people to get support on their journey. Participants will walk away empowered and vibrationally lighter.

Workshops can be hosted at your gym, yoga studio, office or home. Rose would be happy to tailor workshops to your group’s needs. Topics can include, raising your vibration, meditation, yoga, the law of attraction, releasing emotional pain, overcoming physical ailments and more!

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